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Unique apartment on Stadium Hill 

One of the most unique apartments, up the historical Stadium Hill downtown Athens, is being given for RENT. Its superb & convenient location allows easy access to all destinations, especially regarding that the city centre is only 15 minutes walk.

This unique apartment with the very special character, is located at the intellectual neighborhood of Mets, the region surrounding Ardittos Hill at the back side of the historical Marble Stadium.

Neighboring to the park of Marble Stadium, the Royal Garden & the Presidential Palace, is the guarantee of a silent and safe accommodation downtown Athens despite the short distance from the noisy city activities. A magnificent roof garden offers you a magical & panoramic view of the city.

Energy certificate: ΠΕΑ: H / Α.Π.: 32336/2013 A.A.: W5B69-9MPUL-FQ0MC-I  

AMA number of building: 00000292320 


The apartment

Rare Authenticity

There is a youth reminder everywhere...

There is a childish memory always... 

There is an ART light blue serenity... 

There is a TIME explanation...

Amazing Roof Garden

Spectacular & Panoramic view

NOTICE: the use of the terrace is possible only in a long term leases

The Right Place to live in Athens

Unique apartment on STADIUM HILL - Athens

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